We create an array of digital displays, both interactive and passive, that act as an on-site portal to the important information your foot traffic needs.

We understand that the solution that InteractiveStudios creates and implements for you will be disruptive – we change the way organizations communicate at the ground level. Our promise is that you and your team will be empowered to do more, and do it easier, than you ever have before.



To ensure a smooth process and maximum returns on your investment, we do the following to achieve success:


 number-1Consult you on your true needs, pain points, and vision for the future.

Our software saves us time so that we can spend it on making sure we create true value for your company. It all starts with understanding you and your business. 



 Design and Implement a Solution.  number-2

We take into account what you are looking to achieve and blend it with physical, aesthetic, and data acquisition needs. Research, source, and organize installation of your hardware, as well as design, create software needs using our Kiosk Builder software.

number-3Support you to be independent.

Like a good coach, we will train your team and always be there to rely on for advice and help. We want you to be empowered through autonomy, but we’ll never lack on customer support.



Dig deeper into the analysis of your data.  

Our system solves lots of pain points for foot traffic and management of communication within a facility or campus, but what about learning? We believe there is a lot of value to building a deep understanding about your foot traffic and we assist you in getting the most out of the numbers.